PopimsCode iOS Smartphone Application is now available

PopimsCode is the first smartphone application that authenticates all types of 2D and 3D security signs, including the most secure ones such as Shining Flakes, HD Shining Frost, and difficult tor reproduce holograms for example.

It is entirely free, and the service includes the use of our SwitchBoards (secured routers and proxies guaranteing that it is the right authentication server that provides the answer, and protecting at the same time the user's privacy and the authentication servers security).

A major innovation is that PopimsCode neither manages the databases nor print the codes. Everything, including the authentication method, remains fully controlled by the brands and governments wishing to benefit of this major breakthrough for fighting counterfeiting and faked documents. On top of that, PopimsCode does not keep any information.

The Andro´d version is on the way and will be available early 2017.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to receive samples so that you can test the application. You may also contact one of the converters who is already producing security stickers and plastic cards, the French company Genetiq.http://www.genetiq.fr

One unique tool: the smartphone

Custom officers cannot deal with different tools, each one being specific to different types of products or documents and to different brands. For the general public, it's even more obvious: why buying a specific tool to authenticate a good bottle of wine at the other end of the world if a simple smartphone can do the job?

One unique application that will become the world standard

Neither the custom or police officers or individuals want to have to keep a long list of appplications on their smarpthones, and to choose which one to use according to the product or document to authenticate.
Another concern is the trust that everyone should award to numerous applications appearing on the market. Some could of course be proposed by counterfeiters...
For this reason, the rule is that all authentication devices used by all our customers must be compatible with the PopimsCode official application.
We are delivering Software Development Kits to all our major clients wishing to include the application in their own technology, and it will soon be fully integrated in IPM, the World Customs Organization global security solution gateway allowing customs officers to verify the authenticity of products and documents online, using their smartphone.

Brands, governments, integrators and all security providers may develop their own versions of our smartphone applications.
We provide all our clients with the technical means to use their own smartphone applications, which are limited to their own products and services.
Brands or integrators may either use our standard image recognition algorithms or their own that they may conceive freely and keep fully secret
In all cases, we guarantee that the authentication queries are directed to the relevant authentication server chosen by the brand, and not to those one of counterfeiters, which may happen with standard barcode reading applications. This is made possible because our applications may call only our "SwitchBoards" network. Each of them is are acting at the same time as a secure router and as a proxy. This architecture has been set up in order to protect at the same time the authentication servers (they only answer to our "SwitchBoards"), and the personal data of the application"s users.

All types of security features

The application is able to authenticate signs falling in any of these signature categories
     A - impossible to replicate
Known existing technique do not make it possible
e.g. ShiningFlakes + HDShiningFrost + some 3DShiningTextures and some 3DShiningNature
B - very difficult to replicate
Requires a very specific equipment and a very specific knowledge
e.g. DigitalShiningFrost + HDLenticular + holograms + some 3DShiningTextures and some 3DShiningNature + some random printing or material combination methods
C - Difficult to replicate
Any well equipped and skilled converter may produce copies at large scale
e.g. HD3D + HDCoded + Varicode + LowResTrack&Trace
D- Easy to replicate
A photocopier or a scanner and other well known office techologies are sufficient
e.g. inkjet, laser, dye sub, etc.
In the future, our applications will also read RFID and NFC devices, although we do not think they have a too bright future as they enable tracing individuals carrying products or documents protecte by these methods, everywhere, at all times and without them even being aware of it.

Authentication steps

The procedure is quick and easy, but extremely secure.
There are four steps, happening automatically one after the other.

Step 1: checking the code syntax is correct

This is done locally in less than a second as soon as the App views a code, by checking if all the digits of the identifier are compatibles. The coherent indicator becomes green.

Step 2: checking if the identifier itself is correct

Most of our identifiers comprise a secret part which is determined randomly. This prevents counterfeiters to predict series of identifiers. The Application calls the distant database to check this. As soon as it is confirmed, the exists indicator becomes green.
At that stage, the layout becomes the one of our customer and his logo takes the place of ours. Colors may change at the same time.
The smartphone application also gets all necessary information to finalize the whole authentication process, and displays the marker together with a visible mark indicating how to put the smartphone at the correct place to authenticate the signature.
The user may touch the screen at that stage, to view the product or document information (step 4), but the original indicator remaining off, he knows the PopimsCode device could be a reproduction.

Step 3: checking the signature is correct

This is the last audit, the strong identification process permitted by the PopimsCode technology. It is necessary to confirm that the code is the impossible to replicate original.

Step 4: displaying the information

Our customer may display all information he wishes, including pictures and Internet links.
Information may be adapted to the smartphone user. It is for instance possible to give more information to a policeman or to the brand owner than to the general public.
At that stage, the conversation may start between our customer's server and the final user, for all sorts of purposes.

More sophisticated operations may be processed if necessary.