The 3DShiningFrost™ technology

Printed with two successive flat layers

This technique produces random brilliant shapes with print with two layers, and is particularly easy to implement
Start by applying a varnish that produces puddles on the surface, like those used to create a frost effect on bottles for example. Then cover it with a glossy varnish. On the recto, you will get small irregular convex mirrors, and on the verso the same mirrors that are concave. The device operates in both cases.


Such inks and varnishes are already available for screen printing, and will be soon for flexography and many other marking methods (printing, painting, etc.)
Unlike other technologies 3DShining & trade; as 3DShiningFlakes & trade; , 3DShiningTextures & trade; or 3DShiningNature & trade; that can be used work for free because they are in the public domain, this technology is patent pending and will be sold through specific licenses giving rise to specific royalties.

You can download this video.