- PopimsCode - Royalties


All Agreements provides that the invoicing of royalties covers the use of the technology, of the smartphone applications, and of our "Switchboards".

It is a very important development of the profession: the tariff of our royalties is public and known by all, to allow everyone to make all useful comparisons.

"Licensees" (e.g, brands and governments)

"Licensees" pay to PopimsCode:
A fixed annual fee of euro 12,000 + VAT
And a unit charge that is different depending on whether it is a product or a document..

      Royalties for products
      Quantity      unit. Price
      100       1.500
      1 000       1.000
      10 000       0.600
      100 000       0.350
      1 000 000       0.100
      10 000 000       0.040
      100 000 000       0.013
      1 000 000 000       0.006
      10 000 000 000       0.004
      100 000 000 000       0.003
Lower unit royalties are proposed when the marking is in two dimensions (thus easy to copy by counterfeiters).

Royalties for documents
The fees vary from 0.10 to 0.80 euros per code per year for personal identification cards, depending on the total value of the same order and the number of authentications provided for the document.
There are lower rates for other documents.

Master-Licensees (e.g companies selling secure traceability services)

Master-Licensees pay to PopimsCode an annual advance on royalties increasing linearly from 12 000 euros + VAT the first year, to 60 000 euros + VAT per year each year from the fifth one.
They also return to PopimsCode the royalties paid to them by the "Licensees", but just for the part of their aggregate that exceeds the annual advance on royalties already paid.
At the end of each year, PopimsCode pays to the Master-Licensees a commission which is ewual to the difference between the royalties paid by their 'Licensees" and the price the Master Licensee would have paid if he had ordered the total of all their royalties as a unique order.
These rates are indexed, base 100 as of January 1. 2017.

PopimsCode warrants to all its Master-Licensees and "Licensees" that it will not receive any remuneration from ink suppliers, printers, printing systems, computer or databases management services, cameras, etc., when such companies are promoted on its website.