Propose your technologies

The emergence of the secure traceability market and in particular of the PopimsCode technology is an opportunity to grow your business, because it is the whole production line of products, packages and documents that is concerned.

We are currently discussing supplierships in number of the fields listed below.

Traceability specialists, converters, packaging manufacturers, paint, injection moulding manufacturers, etc.

We have already appointed number of suppliers who are directly involved in the field, and we shall publish the first names in September.
However, we are always open to new discussions, in order to propose all available solutions to our customers, worldwide.
A very important point is that our recommendations to our customers never give rise to any kind of compensation, because the sole purpose is to better support our customers. If a supplier is present on our list, it is only because we checked it had the ability to properly participate in the successful implementation of our technologies.

Electronic mail

All kinds of emails: signed, registered, encrypted, with acknowledgment of receipt, re-materialized in a dated and authenticated form,
Online contracts signing (including purchase orders, hotel reservations, agreements, etc.)
Personal data safes for authenticated information, provided by trusted third parties freely chosen by thedata owner.
Management of the receipt of mail and parcels, by identification of allowed persons,
Online voting.

Business - Finance

Emissions of secured electronic order forms subsequent to Internet and television offers, written advertising, printed catalogs, or codes displayed in shop windows,
Secure Internet and face-to-face payment,
Sending and receipt of funds,
Certification of Internet sites,
Validation of the reality of forums and guest reviews.

Access Control

Merchants and banking sites, email and hosting services, etc.,
Personal pages and all types of social services on the Internet,
Access Control to premises.
Workforce management.
Safe and Container

Cloud Services

(according to the French "Informatique et LibertÚ" law which strongly protects personal information)
Industrial secure hosting of sensitive data,
Management of customer or membership files for clubs, associations and political parties,
Secure transfer of personal data between remote databases on the orders of their owners.


Cellular telephone services, including those that do not require the ownership of a phone set,
Secure identification of telephone callers call per call,

Services to the PopimsCode community (social sites)

Classified ads of all kinds, Exchanges, etc..
Buying clubs,

Please contact us if you want to participate.