The free choice of your codes manufacturers

Our clients may choose freely their converters and other suppliers in charge of producing the codes.
One of our Recommended Converters proposes ready to stick PopimsCode stamps that get destroyed after any attempt to take them off their carrier (product or document), but almost any converter is able to produce and enlist our barcodes and signatures.
Most of the time, the cost of printing the signature is insignificant, as it is considered by a converter as printing an additional colour, using a varnish containing shining flakes instead of a specific colour.
It must be noted that converters do not have to be expensive "security printers", as the ShiningFlakes codes have absolutely no value before they are enrolled in the database, which requires the final approval of our client, through secure procedures.

A very important point is that our recommendations never give rise to any kind of compensation, because the sole purpose is to better support our customers. If a supplier is present on our list, it is only because we checked it had the ability to properly participate in the successful implementation of our technologies.

The list of PopimsCode Recommended Converters


Gen'étiq is a French converter located near Lille, with a core expertise in manufacturing customised Labels and stickers.
Gen'étiq is producing PopimsCode stamps and PopimsCode plastic cards.
Your contact:
Phone: +33(0)
Fax: +33(0)
Postal address: Gen'étiq - 2 rue de Fretin - 59710 Ennevelin - France


Next-Label is a French printer installed in the Cosmetic Valley, at Boynes in the Loiret. It is the European leader for printing adhesive labels in 3D and THQ (Very High Quality Photo)
Capable of printing at 10,000 DPI and over, Next-Label is able to produce labels using Popims HDCoded & trade; and Popims HDLenticular & trade; technologies, as it is necessary to have its THQ technology to implement these technologies in the best conditions. Your contact:
Phone : +33(0)2.38 33 40 88
Fax : +33(0)
Mail :
Adresse postale : NEXT-LABEL - Route de Nancray - ZA 45300 Boynes- France