Smartphone authentication

In the past, each authentication technology required a specific authentication tool.
Our philosophy is the absolute contrary.

One unique tool: the smartphone

Custom officers cannot deal with different tools, each one being specific to different types of products or documents and to different brands.
For the general public, it's even more obvious: why buying a specific tool to authenticate a good bottle of wine at the other end of the world if a simple smartphone can do the job?

The universal authentication application

The PopimsCode Application is able to authenticate all devices under our technology, and will soon be made compatible with other ones so that it becomes the universal authentication stantard. We provide for free customs and police of all countries with software development kits so that all custom and police officers may authenticate at no cost all products and documents, on the spot, with their own smartphone applications.
Some of our customers are willing to have their own authentication applications. Why not, but everyone understands that neither the custom or police officers or individuals want to have to keep a long list of appplications on their smarpthones, and to choose which one to use according to the product or document to be authenticated.
Another concern is the trust that everyone should award to numerous applications appearing on the market. Some could of course be proposed by counterfeiters...
For this reason, the proposed rule is that all authentication devices used by all customers should be compatible with the PopimsCode official application. There are exceptions in specific cases, for example when only a category of persons is entitled to authenticate specific products or documents.
However, all our customers may distribute their own authentication smartphone applications, provided they are limited to authenticating only their own products and documents. We also deliver them the necessary software development kits.

Authentication steps

The procedure is quick and easy, but extremely secure.
There are three steps, happening automatically one after the other.

Step 1: checking the code syntax is correct

This is done locally in less than a second as soon as the App views a code, by checking if all the digits of the identifier are compatibles. The "coherent" indicator becomes green.

Step 2: checking if the identifier itself is correct

Most of our identifiers comprise a secret part which is determined randomly. This prevents counterfeiters to predict series of identifiers. The Application calls the distant database to check this. As soon as it is confirmed, the "exists" indicator becomes green and the Application displays the information about the product or the document. The original light flashes so that the user knows that the device could still be PopimsCode reproduction.

Step 3: Verify that the signature is consistent

The Application has recovered during the previous step the necessary information to complete the authentication process, and provides a button to display the visible marker with a graphic showing where to place the smartphone to authenticate the "Signature". This is the last analysis, strong authentication permitted by PopimsCode technology. It is to verify that the code is the impossible to reproduce original.

The end customer can display all the information he wants, including photos and Internet links. The information can also be adapted according to the user of the smartphone. It is for example possible to provide more information to a police officer or owner of the brand than to the general public.
At this point, a conversation can be established between the final customer's web site and the Application user for all types of operations. More sophisticated operations can be initiated if necessary.