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PopimsCode Newsletter January 12. 2018

The development being now finalized and the patent having been delivered, we entered into active negotiations with several American and European groups for the sale of the entire PopimsCode operation.

The PopimsCode technology is the first that enables authenticating all 2D and 3D markings with a handheld smartphone. 3D markings have the advantage that they cannot be reproduced by photographic or printing techniques.

For example, it makes it possible for the public to authenticate banknotes, holograms, or unique markings such as a metal paint or a varnish containing shining flakes. To my knowledge, there is no other technology available, and our patent issued in the US (and soon in Europe) will give the acquirer a monopoly for the next fifteen years ...

It is the size of the market to take led us to prefer selling the technology to an existing group, because developing the business very fast is the key to become the global standard. Although all the options are still on the table, this may be done in two separate blocks: product secured traceability which provides marketing data when authentication is done by the consumers with a smartphone, and document protection which includes "Identity as a Business".

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PopimsCode Newsletter June 6. 2017

The Optic-ID post on LinkedIn

We published this post on LinkedIn with a link to

and here is the result: more than 4750 views in a few days, from very big companies, most of them from Northern America:

A special issue of "Contrefaçon Riposte"

On the occasion of the launch of Operation PopimsCode, the French newsletter of the profession publishes a special issue.

And simultaneously, PopimsCode unveils its new rates, which will amaze more than one ...

PopimsCode Newsletter March 8. 2017

The new version of our application has been released

It has been published yesterday on the App Store (version 1.1).
It authenticates all types of 2D and 3D signatures known by our servers, including holograms.

An new article from Jeremy Plimmer

Product & Image, the Newsletter of Product & Image Security Foundation

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PopimsCode Newsletter February 5. 2017

Update on our technical development

Smartphone applications

The first iOS application has just been published.

It makes it possible to authenticate all types of optical signatures, from the best protected (PopimsCode Shining Technologies) to the simplest ones such as complex printed patterns and photographs, including holograms.
The algorithm used for code authentication is now specific to each type of signature being parsed.
The new versions will now succeed each other, the next bringing an improvement in comfort during the placement of the smartphone for the analysis. The application under Androïd is practically finished. We would like to thank our partner Innology for the quality of their work!

Our agreement with the World Customs Organization is signed, and our application will soon be integrated into the one which will be made available to all custom officers worldwide. We thing it will be the only one enabling a really secure instant product and document authentication.

Security devices

Our cooperation with inks and varnishes manufacturers is going on smoothly.
Two reflective glitter varnishes for screen printing have been announced by a French manufacturer, Encres Dubuit. Shining varnishes for flexography offset and inkjet printing will also be proposed on the international market in the near future, by several manufacturers presently developing textured inks and varnishes, and printing systems.
At the same time, a well-known French printer, Gen'etiq, starts producing cards and different types of labels, some of which destroy themselves when someone tries to take them off.
The cards can be customized in a few seconds with card printers such as the ones of our partner Evolis.

This is an occasion to reiterate that all our customers may order their markings from any converter or other markings manufacturer they want, and that we are committed not to charge any royalty to markings manufacturers, or inks, varnishes or paint suppliers, even when we participate in their promotion.

Secured network

Our first smartphone application development is nearly finished, but we will open the service only at the end of February, when the new version of our application will be published,
We are finalizing the network securization (smartphone applications + SwitchBoards + authentication servers of our customers) in order to provide a very high security level, enabling us to guarantee identities, banknotes, payment cards, etc, Our SwitchBoards network will provide the following guarantees to our customers and to the public:
The assurance that the server providing authentication of a product or document is the one of the brand, and not that of a pirate, which is not the case of current barcode readers (a SwitchBoard is a secure router).
The protection of the application user's personal data, which will not be forwarded to anyone if he chooses to remain anonymous (a SwitchBoard is acting as a proxy).
The protection of the authentication servers of our customers and integrators against attacks (they only answer to our SwithBoards network).

Latest changes in our organization

We are sticking to our strategy which is to grant licenses to governments and brands, and master-licenses to integrators and other marketing partners, but we decided the three following changes in our marketing organization.
Governmnents, brands and our Integrators will be allowed to design different code and signature architectures, and to develop their own algorithms corresponding to different code designs and specifications.
They will also be allowed to publish their own smartphone applications. We will deliver them Software Development Kits and provide them with software services.
Selected companies producing optical security devices will be allowed use our authentication services: smartphone applications + secured network.


PopimsCode is the first completely automated service enabling product and documents strong authentication by the general public with a smartphone.
It is using mostly printed markings that are impossible to reproduce.
The main targeted markets are the following.

Secured traceability and marketing data collection
It's much more than fighting counterfeiting, because the authentication by a smartphone, which is made available to the general public, provides precious marketing data.
PopimsCode Master-Licensees will be competing with the major market research companies who are collecting data only at the salespoint level, while our technology brings info at the customers level, which is much more valuable.
Our services also protect products from being stolen (when a product is flaged as stolen in the database, it becomes very difficult to resell it), which means brands may now provide more protection to their warehouses, transporter and retail outlets.
It is also something important in terms of responsibility (e.g. the Mars product recall in 55 countries latest february)
On top of collecting information from their customers, brands may now create a direct link with them, which becomes very important at a time when Internet distribution companies are becoming the only contact proposed to the consumers.

Document protection
This is also a very important market, due to the number of documents that need to be protected. There is much to be done because our service is much safer and much more cost effective than those of the prior art. No doubt that our technologies will used to protect banknotes and ID cards, to organize elections, and to allow one-time access to paperless documents stored in secure databases.

Identity as a service
We have an ambitious project called PopimsCard in this field, and are actively looking for a partner who would want to take control of the project and ensure its development worldwide.