Protection of sensitive data


To enter the network of his company, an employee will have to present his card to his smartphone, in order to receive a personal certificate allowing him to enter the Intranet. After having gone through this completely secured procedures, which only takes minutes, all that he will need is to open the PopimsCode application, type his PIN and click on the button requesting entrance.

The end of the passwords

This method will gradually replace passwords, each of which knows the dangers. The hacking of the data-processing network of the Presidency of the French Republic in May 2012 in is a well known example, but all companies now incur today this type of intrusion which can be very damaging.
On request, we shall replace all existing passwords by complex ones that we shall change automatically from time to time. Simultaneously, we shall add on the PopimsCode application of each user a button for each password-protected site. All the users will have to do is typing their PIN to access to their social sites, email accounts, banks, and all other sites requiring passwords.

The PopimsCard project

"Identification as a service" is a major challenge of the Internet, and we could be entering this new market early 2016, where we think we could become the leader.

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