The free choice of your Integrator

Our clients may choose freely the IT service company in charge of their secure database servers used as PopimsCode Authentication Servers.
An important function is gathering information about your products after they leave your factories. For this also, you are completely free to organize things as you wish.
We provide specific software to such companies if they wish.
Our appointed Integrators are in competition to provide the database management services, and our customers may also decide to produce these services internally, or to have them provided by their usual suppliers. In such case, the internal service or IT service company just has to be appointed as a PopimsCode Integrator.

The list of PopimsCode appointed Integrators


Codatrace is a joint venture between PopimsCode SAS and a skillful IT company. It is the company in charge of all our Switchboards worldwide.
It is providing all IT services to all clients, and especially to Integrators wishing to subcontract the management of their Authentication Servers.