Develop new services on the fast growing security traceability market

To become the market leader, our global licensors grant rights to selected suppliers wishing to become Master-Licensees. These Master-Licensees may be converter, suppliers of inks and varnishes, or any other company offering any technology useful for the implementation of ours.


A "Master-License" agreement allows to granted licenses to end-users (eg, brands and governments), and therefore to develop all types of services including PopimsCode technology brick.
An Integrator PopimsCode can provide IT services and software to all its customers, but it can also subcontract to partners of its choice the management of authentication servers, pr let its clients entrust them to third parties of their choice.
A PopimsCode "Master License" agreement comprises a "license agreements signature, billing and collection mandate", which gives the beneficiary the right to sign our "license agreements" with final clients, to invoice and cash in the royalties on our behalf.
Master-license contracts are valid for the whole world, without restriction.

However, there are domains that are reserved for certain Master-Licensees benefiting from exclusivities:

Product Traceability

All our Integrators may market all their services worldwide in all domains, except the following that are reserved to specialized Integrators.
Pharmaceuticals and medical or hospital consumables
Alcoholic beverages
Automotive and other means of terrestrial mobility’s components
Aerospace components
Low and high voltage power supply equipment
Product compliance certification markings
Product compliance with a religious norm (kosher, halal, etc.),markings
All kinds of pieces of art, whether unique or numbered produced marketed in limited series.

Document protection

Exclusive concessions are the rule for this domain:
Official documents issued by a state: identity cards, passports, driving licenses, residence permits, registration cards, etc.,
Banknotes, postage stamps, revenue stamps,
Documents issued by banks, checks, bank statements, except payment cards,
Payment cards,
Social Security cards,
Other cards (loyalty, member, etc.), except access control,
Control of access to premises,
Insurance certificates,
Tickets, including transportation tickets and entertainment tickets,
Games, lotteries, etc..

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