Fighting document fraud

The fight against faked documents

False papers can all be eliminated in a few weeks: PopimsCode offers worldwide public or private issuers to mail a stamp to stick on the document concerned. A document provided with such a stamp then becomes authenticated by all with simple smartphone, while others lose any probative value and disappear from circulation.
It is not question here only of sovereign documents such as identity cards, driving licenses and passports, but also of pay slips, certificates of lodgings, invoices and of all documents issued by companies and individuals. Our service will enable everyone to emit documents that can be authenticated on the spot, simply by filling in the secure databases corresponding to the type of the emitted documents.
The economic impact of this operation is considerable because it will limit considerably the perception of undue advantages, obtained by the presentation of "kits" of counterfeited documents.
Requiring motorists to have authenticable insurance certificates will also fight effectively against driving without insurance. It is also possible to deliver for each automobile license plate a label provided with an authenticable code to stick behind the windshield. Not-correspondence between this label and the number plate, or non validity of the label, easy to note even when the vehicle is parked, will be enough to eliminate the "doubles".
Finally, equipping civil servants, and in a more general way all people entitled to exercise controls or to penetrate in business premises or private, as the police, customs, post office, emergency services or people who raise the meters, with professional ID cards that can be authenticated with a simple smartphone is likely to improve the safety of all, especially the vulnerable.

The fight against money counterfeiting, and the traceability of money

It is a project in the longer term because decisions in the field of money currencies are taken after a long reflection in most countries.
Today, the banknotes are very poorly protected. They are equipped with what we call of "security signs that are difficult to reproduce": watermarks, trans-vision effects, holograms, wires of safety, iridescent bands, changing color inks, etc.. If only one of these devices were effectively impossible to reproduce, the central banks would not need to multiply them. It is the proof of the ineffectiveness of existing devices.
Our codes comprise a signature which can be produced only by a truly random process. There is no technical means known, neither to voluntarily produce the signature associated with a code, nor to reproduce it.
To equip banknotes and even coins with such an tamperproof optical signature would make counterfeiting absolutely impossible, at a very little cost expenses since the manufacturing cost of the tickets and the coins would be lowered in important proportions.
The advantages induced by this operation are even larger, because such optical codes allow also the traceability of money: a specific banknote and coins counting machine can easily check their authenticity and simultaneously make a list. This is necessarily made by a central bank, and it a perfect means to follow the way of currencies around the country and the world.
All six transactions on average, a banknote is hold by a bank. Since it has an effective checking means, whose manufacture and marketing will be entrusted to a licensee, a bank will not afford not to check all banknotes before putting them back in circulation. Otherwise, It would incur the charge of false coining since in many countries like France for example, this crime not only consists in manufacturing counterfeit bills but also holding them or simply using them. For the same reason, large retailers will have perform these checks before remitting cash to their bank.
The immediate consequence is that checks that the IRS operates on the bank accounts will extend to the banknotes. It is there an effective means to fight the parallel economy and a very great number of frauds. The consequences for finances of the country acquiring such currencies totaled in tens of hundreds of billion Euros or US Dollars.
The tax havens will have to re-examine their methods, while organized crime, and drug trafficking in particular, will find it very difficult to continue their activities.
The impact as for the fight against crime is even broader because the thefts of cash loses interest. Indeed, since the reference numbers of all banknotes starting from a supermarket to go to the bank will be known, what is the interest for a thief to steal them? A few minutes after the theft, the banknotes will have lost their value, marked in the database by a flag announcing that they are stolen. Nobody will accept them any more in payment.
For the same reason, theft of banknote to an individual will become very dangerous for the robber, because the numbers of some at least of these tickets also will be known, noted by the bank at the time of their distribution by a cash dispenser.
Reading these lines, one must not think only of France or even Europe, but to the entire world, because our ambition is to export technology from France to all countries, whether industrialized or emerging and developing countries.