Reduced production costs

The cost of your secure traceability service has four positions: producing the security devices, enlisting the codes and managing your Authentication Servers, and of course our royalties.

1 - Producing the security devices

In the prior art, security specialists take advantage of their technologies to product themselves the security devices. We think this is over.
With PopimsCode ShiningFlakes, this cost may be negligible because the printing of a small rectangle with glitter varnish is done in the existing process of printing your packaging. One of recommended suppliers has already developed a varnish that applies in a single layer. One reference is for screen printing and another for flexography.
You may also apply pre-recorded code stickers on your products or packaging, spray a very small quantity of glitter paint on them, mix reflective flakes in their material, or use some of the compatible products that are available on the market.

2 - Enlisting the codes

This is also extremely low, as all you need is an industrial camera such as the ones proposed by our recommended suppliers.
This camera, when checking that your identifiers (i.e. barcodes) have been printed correctly, takes a picture of the signature and stores in a file that is named with the content of the identifier and stores it on any hard disk available on your network.
These pictures are sent to your Authentication Servers where these pictures are intepreted, using a software module that we will provide you with (this cost in included in our royalties).
Most industrial cameras that you already might have can already do this, but the cost of such an equipment is only around one thousand euros.

3 - Managing your Authentication Servers

This is the heart of your secure traceability operation. Here also, our organization makes PopimsCode ShiningFlakes the most competitive solution, as we leave you the choice: either managing the service internally, or entrust its management to any IT company you like.
Being able to choose converters and IT service companies in charge of your secure authentication and downstream traceability services is certainly the best way to reach the lowest possible cost.
We have selected PopimsCode Integrators that are at your disposal to quote this service according to your needs.

4 - PopimsCode royalties

The rate of our royalties will certainly not be a bad surprise... they allow combining all our technologies on the same product and document, and cover the free use of the PopimsCode smartphone applications and of our Switchboards.