Protection against theft

As a producer

Stolen products will be recorded as such in the database of your Authentication Servers. This may be done in real time as soon as the theft has been noticed.
Any authenticity checking made by private individuals or a police officers will highlight it. The consumer will be warned and the police will have more chance to trace back the thieves.
Moreover, the public will be happy to participate in the fight against organized crime, and scan your products.
This is very bad news for all those tempted to steal your products, but will be highly appreciated by the persons in charge of your warehouses, by your carriers, your distributors and your customers, because all of them will be better protected against burglary.
Just an example, imagine a car carrying lots of secured codes, some in the windshield and the windows, others hidden in various parts of the car's components. Reselling stealed cars or spare parts might become a very difficult job.

As a consumer

Many products that you buy will soon be identified by a secured traceability identifier. Stealing them will become dangerous, as the police will be able to detect in seconds who is the real owner of stolen products.
It would certainly be difficult for burglars to find these stamps that you may hide anywhere inside objects.