Fighting Counterfeiting

A A world wide phenomenon impacting the whole economy

Counterfeited products may lead to serious health and safety concerns for consumers, as in nearly every instance, they are not made with the same quality materials or to the same high standards as the original.
But the worse is that it damages brand owners' reputations and lowers consumer confidence in the affected brands,leads to threat to the environment, loss of tax income for states, and finances organized crime and terrorism.

The prior art offers little protection

Everything that is in 2D and can be seen by a smartphone can be easily replicated, as the resolution of modern printing techniques is much higher than the one of any smartphone. Remember the microfilms, and how much information you can put inside a tiny little dot.

All prior art methods suffer from one and/or more of the following three drawbacks:
the authentication devices used can be fabricated only by making use of means that are rare and expensive, and as a result they are too expensive to be applied to consumer goods and to everyday documents;
or else they are large in size, and therefore difficult to incorporate in goods or a document;
or indeed no method is proposed for reading them other than using a microscope or some other specially designed and expensive accessory device.

No one has proposed a flawless and inexpensive method that satisfies the need of professionals and of the general public to verify the authenticity of goods or of a document using ordinary equipment such as a smartphone.

Nor has anybody proposed a procedure for authenticating people that makes it essential to have available the original of a card, regardless of whether people are face to face or communicating over the Internet, and in spite of the fact that identity theft is one of the main sources of fraud, in particular on the Internet

The PopimsCode ShiningFlakes disruptive solution

The counterfeited products are now detected easily by the customs, which will have instantly in hands an undeniable proof.
Consumers themselves will be able to make sure that products offered to them are not dangerous copies.
Industry can also be protected against smuggling "real fakes" (products manufactured by distant subcontractors but not declared), and control gray market by knowing the actual geographical destination of their products.

PopimsCode ShiningFlakes technology is an efficient tool to protect businesses and consumers, and also saving lives when protected goods are drugs or parts spare for the car industry, household or industrial equipment.

It's also an effective way to fight organized crime.