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PopimsCode ShiningFlakes is a highly disruptive technology. Its arrival on the market changes the competition in many areas of activity.
Some will continue as if nothing happened, but others will take advantage of the change to grow faster.
It might be the right time to adjust your strategy...

Traceability specialists

It's probably one of the most important opportunity for you to accelerate your growth.
Applying a code on a product is not sufficient to gather information if nobody reads your code. If it is secured with a PopimsCode Signature, consumers will have a look, and provide you and your clients with the most valuable information.
You could consider signing an Master-License Agreement with us. It will not change much to your activity, but will give a higher value to all your services.

Security Printers

We certainly don't want you to see our new technology as something that will kill your job. On the contrary, there will always be a need for additional overt or covert security features.
Adding this technology to your portfolio keeps you on the run, and gives an additional value to your customer base, which is one of your most important assets.
A very important point is that you don't need to pay us any royalty when printing PopimsCode signatures. Moreover, you can become one of our Recommended Converters, and benefit of our recommendation to expand your activities.
You can also become an PopimsCode Master Licensee and subcontract all IT activities.

Packaging manufacturer

What is the difference between a packaging protected by a PopimsCode device and a standard one? There is a serialization identifier, of course, but everybody knows how to do that, and it may be added after the packaging exists your premises.
The key point is the "Signature", which is very easy to implement in the packaging. Just mix shining flakes into the material of your production. We are here to help you finding the best characteristics.
Just like converters, you don't need to pay us any royalty when adding PopimsCode signatures to your production.
Moreover, we will be happy to sign with you a Recommended Suppliers agreement.
We could also add your products to our product range.

Looking for new activities?

The secure traceability market is just starting, but it's growing fast.
Some specialists forecast figures around tens billions euros per year for the world.
There is place for dozens of new entrants, each of them becoming a leader in a specific field and a specific country.
Our strategy is to contract with the best people and help them becoming such leaders, because it's in our opinion the best way to bring our technology to the wordlwide leadership.
Just view the royalty rates, and you will see that the revenue is concentrated in the hands of our Integrators.
The strongest strategic positions on this new fast growing international market are available right now, and it's for the long term!

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